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Container pack for Euro Truck Simulator 1
Catalogue: Tue, 02/09/2016 - 10:07

Containerpack by Sheryo Konvertiert by Dennis

v1.0 final


Dies ist die Finale Version des Containerpakets.
Permission von Sheryo ist vorhanden.

v1.0 final Changelog

V0.5 beta
- added 1x20ft
- added 1y20ft
- added 2x20ft
- added 20ft2x

V0.8 beta
- added 20ftcl
- added 40ft2x
- fixed 1x20ft pmd
- fixed readme (einträge für cargo und trailerstorage hinzugefügt)
- fixed wheel.tobj bei allen trailern

V1.0 RC1
- added 40vide
- added 45ft2x
- Archiv aufgeräumt (.bak Dateien gelöscht)
- fixed readme (credits aktualisiert)

V1.0 final (Wip)
- fixed mat files
- fixed dds files (alpha channel)


Remove other versions from this release !
Copy scs to your "\Euro Truck Simulator\mod\" directory, done.

In folgenden Firmen können die Container eingetragen werden:

Dies sind die Eitrage für die Companys:

in_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.1x20ft
in_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.1y20ft
in_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.2x20ft
in_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.20ft2x
in_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.20ftcl
in_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.40ft2x
in_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.40vide
in_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.45ft2x

out_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.1x20ft
out_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.1y20ft
out_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.2x20ft
out_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.20ft2x
out_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.20ftcl
out_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.40ft2x
out_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.40vide
out_cargo[]: cargo.permanent.45ft2x

Einträge für die Cargostorage:

@include "cargo/1x20ft.sii"
@include "cargo/1y20ft.sii"
@include "cargo/2x20ft.sii"
@include "cargo/20ft2x.sii"
@include "cargo/20ftcl.sii"
@include "cargo/40ft2x.sii"
@include "cargo/40vide.sii"
@include "cargo/45ft2x.sii"

Einträge für die Trailerstorage:

@include "definition/1x20ft.sii"
@include "definition/1y20ft.sii"
@include "definition/2x20ft.sii"
@include "definition/20ft2x.sii"
@include "definition/20ftcl.sii"
@include "definition/40ft2x.sii"
@include "definition/40vide.sii"
@include "definition/45ft2x.sii"

WICHTIG: Das Samson flarepaket wird benötigt!!!


Trailer sind alle von Sheryo,
ich Konvertiere sie so wie er sie zum Download gestellt hat.
Die beiden leerchassis sind so nicht von sheryo.
Das Chassis an sich ja, aber so las Trailer hat er ihn nicht rausgebracht.
Wir haben die Container abgemacht und ihn so als Standalone gemacht.

Wheels by Wombat
habe die bpw-alu wheels von ventures seinem Schwenkwand verwendet.

Authors: Sheryo, Dennis



About 18 Wos
18 Wheels of Steel (sometimes abbreviated as 18 WoS) is a 3D animated series of trucking simulators published by ValuSoft and developed by SCS Software from 2003 to 2011. The series currently has 7 installments.
Much of the game's data is in a file named "base.scs". This file can be extracted with most zip compression software. Within the new folders are most of the game textures, including terrain, truck skins, backgrounds, and others, as well as code for cities, trucks, and other in-game objects. While the game's publisher, ValuSoft, does not provide support on exactly how to "mod" the game, there are several communities and sites dedicated to that purpose, creating even new maps and trucks.